PicEdit 2.11

A simple image editor

PicEdit is a simple image editor that allows users to quickly touch up their photos. View full description


  • Simple to use
  • Ability to annotate and share easily
  • Quick performance


  • Inconsistent design
  • Dated looking annotations


PicEdit is a simple image editor that allows users to quickly touch up their photos.

While PicEdit does have a few basic photo editing features for adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, and hue, there are more features aimed toward preparing your photos for presentations. There area ton of editing features that allow users to draw arrows,stamps, watermark an image, and may more.

The interface of PicEdit is basic and reminds me of Snagit. There is the familiar ribbon interface up top but without as many editing options as Snagit. The design of PicEdit's interface is pretty atrocious. The open and save icons look like they were lifted straight out of Windows 95 while the editing buttons look modern. While terrible looks don't hinder its abilities, it is worth mentioning.

In use, PicEdit performed edits quickly and adding things like stamps, arrows, and text are a breeze. The inconsistent interface continues here as many text boxes look like Windows 95 clip art. The developers of PicEdit should really take some more time and effort to create some good looking photo enhancing elements.

Overall, PicEdit works well but its inconsistent design and dated graphics can make your photos look inelegant.


  • The Polygon tool adds the control of the draw horizontal or vertical line by holding down the Shift key.
  • The Pencil tool adds the support of painting point.
  • The Style panel layout automatically adapt the display resolution.


PicEdit 2.11

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